11 June 2008

Spain VS Russia

Watched the highlights, I've to say that this time Spain is playing down some serious business here.
They looked totally different than previous Spain on the big game. Perhaps Aragones made the right decision for dropping Raul the captain from the squad?

Spain's playing style is much different than the other teams I watched so far. Free-flow passing, unusual ball touch that confuses the opposition. The Spaniards seem to be able to pass the ball so well as if they've magnet on their foot.

First goal is a brilliant counter-attack run in by Torres, unselfishly pass to David Villa at the very last moment to create an open goal for Villa to score.

Second goal is another good one, with Iniesta's precision through pass which found David Villa
running at the right onside position, and slot pass the ball between the keeper's leg.

It was a great game for the Spain, and a great game for fans to enjoy the beautiful game they're playing. David Villa mark this his day by scoring the hat-trick, 3rd goal of the day with a brilliant ball control to slot pass the defenders and keeper. It was a goal created by the brilliance of the Spaniards, undoubtfully.

Although Russia scored a consolation goal, the Spanish doesn't stop just there, in fact they attack the game from the first minute to the final seconds of the game. Just when the Russian defenders are starting to slack back, David Villa and his gang ran rampage again.

A lob from Villa and Xavi volleyed the ball to the goal, which is blocked by the keeper. However the keeper couldn't just handle the ball, placing it to Fabregas to salvage the the 4th goal with a simple header.

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