10 June 2008

Orange VS Blues

For those who followed EURO 2008, the match between the Dutch and Italy is one of the best so far in the game.

I didn't watch the live match, I ain't that fancy stay up late night until 4am just to watch live match. I prefer watch the highlights, the game's build up and finally the goals.

To have a world champion, famous for their rock-solid defense, wrecked apart and bombarded 3 goals (2 for some people) by an attacking-minded team, is one of the most exciting game football can offer.

Ruud Van Nistelrooy's goal may seems to be offside obviously, but many people neglected the fallen Italian player besides the goal post. That guy is responsible for making RvN onside, and thus the goal is valid.

The 2 goals followed after the 1st one, is the products of counter-attacking football playing from end-to-end.

For the 2nd goal's build up, Van Bronckhorst of the Dutch just cleared the ball out of the goal line, and then initiates a wave of counter-attack towards the disorganised Italy team. He managed to cross the ball to Kuyt and then Wesley Sneijder lay the final touch.

As for the 3rd goal, Van der Sar just save Pirlo's freekick, and while the Italians are still dumbfounded how VdS saved the ball, the Dutch punished the Italian's laid back by Van Bronckhorst's header to seal the match 3-0.

Although I'm a fan of the Dutch, I must say that the Italians are playing quite good too, just that today lady Luck doesn't shine on them.

I can only provide verbal description on each goal because there's no highlights video available for now. I guess Youtube deleted all attempts to upload the matchplay for EURO 2008 because I can't seem to find a single match played on the most popular video-sharing website.

These are the matches I'll be looking forward in the next few days:
  • Czech Republic VS Portugal
  • Netherlands VS France

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