12 June 2008

Czech VS Portugal

Last night I stay up til late night to catch the live broadcast. Took quite a long nap in the evening, so I dont feel like sleeping although I'm suppose to be in the bed already.

I'm glad I watch this match live, because it is very exciting!

Just within less than 10 minutes there we have the first goal, a scrambling goal by Deco. Shaky defense by the Czech, and no matter how good the keeper is, he can't save the ball if he's struggling on the ground.

The Czechs reply the first goal but heading in from a corner. I must say, that the Czech's set pieces are better than the Portuguese, as all the crosses and passes seems to be delivered straight into the box with a few Czech players look threatening.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the man in this game. He's involved in all 3 Portugal goals. He bags in one for himself with a neat low drive from Deco's low cross from the right. Ronaldo is really a brilliant attacker, whether he plays as either side's wing, or as a centre forward. He doesn't fail to assist or score goals.

The last goal of the game, which is another great example of counter-attack football. The referee played an advantage to the Portuguese near the right of the centre-circle, which one of the player feeds a long cross to Ronaldo at an onside position. The Czech defense are caught off-guard once again, exposing Petr Cech for Ronaldo and Quaresma's threat. Ronaldo eventually feeds the ball to Quaresma to score the last goal.

What a nice game.... it seems EURO 2008 is not as boring as EURO 2004. Lots of attacking-minded teams playing at their very best. I guess those Swiss and Austrians will be delighted with the gameplay there.

I dunno whether I should be watching Croatia VS Germany tonight? Heh.... dont really want to bother bout the last paper because I think it's fairly easy. :P

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