13 June 2008

Germany VS Croatia

The first stunner in this tournament so far, to have the favourites Germany beaten by Croatia, the black horse of the big game.

I watched the match live last night, although I went off to bed prior kick-off. I knew there's something interesting to do with the match so I turn on the live broadcast like 40 minutes before the 90 minutes.

That time the Croatians are leading by 1-0. Just when I switch to the highlight channel, they scored their 2nd on the night, the decisive goal.

After watching the game for awhile, I started to noticed that Germany was totally out-classed by the Croats.
Weird eh, the Germans aren't playing the football they used to do, seems that their passes misses their target, or intercepted by the Croats which brought the ball straight towards the German goal. Lehmann seems struggling to save the ball. His performance was rather below expectations as he's also responsible for Croatia's 2nd goal after he failed to clear a deflected shot.

After the Croat's 2nd goal only then Germany started to play their panzer-style football, mechanical passes and looks more threatening then the 1st half. Their reward is a 80th minute goal by Podolski. A nice left-footed volley by the lad.

Nothing much can be done by the Germans to push further for a draw. Worse of all, their star winger Schweinsteiger was sent off by shoving a Croatian player at the dying moment. What a fool...

The match ended 2-1 to the Croatian's favour. Their team coach seems to be over-excited after the match.

It's not just luck that the Croats beat the Germans. They have the skills, the quality to bulldoze
the big names, which they've done on England during the qualifying round. Credits for the whole Croatia team, they're playing very well against the Germs.

As for Germany, their defense remains a headache since World Cup 2006. They always caught off-guard with just a surprise move by the opposition. Both goals the Croats scored in this match, are attributed by the failure of the German defense.

Besides, they seems to have problem to deal with the match ball. Now this is funny, the Germans are probably the first team to train with the ball since the balls are manufactured in Germany by Adidas.... The ball always slip pass the German players, and the keeper can only punch the ball away instead of grabbing a hold of it.

Nevermind bout the Croats and Germs. Tonight it will be more interesting in Group C.
Italy VS Romania
Netherlands VS France

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