14 June 2008

The End of AS Exam

Dreadful 1 month exam, glad it's finished today! :D

So what can I say about this exam? Like a lecturer said: "expect the unexpected." Was caught off-guard for a few papers.

Basically, some papers I thought I did pretty well this time, better than the trial exam, especially Physics.

Tough luck for Maths though. Maths Pure is OK but my mind just went blank for Maths Applied. Normally Maths Pure is my killer paper but this time I was "murdered" by a "friendly" paper. :S

Chemistry is a disappointment, really. It's one of my favourite subject, but I had a tough time in paper 1 and paper 2. I had not enough time to finish P1, and I made error in one of the organic compound question in P2.
Now I can give an advice to those who'll be taking A Level exam next time, Cambridge LOVES ORGANIC COMPOUNDS! Serious.... 50% of the questions in P1 & P2 are basically asking those stuffs. You gotto memorise the flowchart and the reactions.

This diagram may come in handy....

As for Biology, heh, I think this is the easiest subject of all. Maybe I'm lucky, some past year questions I studied did came out in the actual exam. Biology is "dead", they can't ask anymore questions other than those, and the "best" is, the questions are not modified at all!! Which means, you can actually "cheat" before the exam by studying all the past year papers, heh. Btw this only applies on P1, as P2 is much tricker but overall still OK.

Ha.... I heard there'll be another round of test coming soon in next month. Sigh.... dont really have the chance to rest well. :(

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