22 June 2008

Euro 2008's demise

The Dutch knocked out.
The Croats knocked out.
The Ports knocked out.

If Italy has the upper hand against Spain, I better quit watching Euro 2008 for good.

A real shocker to see all the good teams are knocked out in this manner. I didn't expect those 3 on-form teams are knocked out by their opponent, which are mainly the underdogs.

There's some reasons why I dislike Italy, perhaps is because their style of playing and especially Marco Materazzi. I do admire a few Italian players though, namely Andrea Pirlo & Gennaro Gattuso. Too bad Francesco Totti no longer play for the Italy national team, he's such a good player.

Given the current gameplay, I just hope that the final would be Germany VS Spain, and the German panzer will win this tournament.

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