22 June 2008

Craze Futsal

As usual, every Sunday morning have a game of futsal with the gang. It's been a few weeks I didn't join them since I'm having the darned exam. Nevermind that, at least I can stretch my muscle a bit more now. :)

Today's game, pretty much equal in terms of both teams. We're just playing against friends so after all it's a friendly match. Sounds nice and easy isn't it? Not until we start the game.

I for one, was one of the rather unexpected character I would say. Sometimes I could just run into the opponent but sometimes I just stand there let the guy pass through me. Weird eh?

As for the opponent, there's this pair of brothers playing very well. Didn't play with them that frequent, so have to try some time to get used to them. The bigger sized brother is much calm defensive player, while the other brother is a rather speedy lad with fancy footworks shouting in the game. Had quite a tough time to deal with them though.

Tried a few shots on goal from some distance away. I'm a freak in long-range shots, but this time I found myself stuck between my boot and the ball. Most of the ball went off the target, either high over the bar, or deviate from the goal.

My first try on goal looks nice, I slide down to hit the ball in, but the keeper is standing at the right position to block it off. There's a few more shots I made but it's all well-blocked by the keeper, or the shot is too weak to penetrate into the goal.

My first and only goal in the game came from a free-kick. Was trying to distract the keeper by looking at the left side, which looks like I'm going to cross in there, but in the end I pop one easy low ball to the right while the keeper keep an eye on the left.
Heh, I dedicate the goal for her, a feat my Argentine friend Tommy taught me, to dedicate every goals scored for someone that we care and love. :D

Switch myself to be the keeper for awhile. I used to play as keeper but I've switch to playing on-field. That doesn't stop me from maintaining my keeper quality, though I must admit I ain't the best around. Managed to made a few fine saves, as the opponent's attack seems to be pouring in pretty fast. Oh well, at the end I conceded 3 goals I think, all from low shots. Consider my weakness, as I'm not trained to dive into the corner to made the save. The only thing stopping me from becoming a decent keeper is that I dunno how to react at the critical moment, to dive, jump or stay-still.

We played for 2 hours, and was exhausted after the game. It's been a long time since I played such highly-competitive game. Argh, my body ached when I get back home.... even now when I'm writing this, it still hurts, especially the leg muscle. :S

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