23 June 2008

DBKL = Blood Sucker

Today 11am went to TBR with the usual gang for our lunch. While walking near the place I parked the car, Tang Yang noted there's this DBKL officer standing beside cars, holding something on his hand. I was shocked because that guy's bike is just placed RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY CAR OMG!

Crap!! He's giving out the summon (locally referred as saman)! I did something stupid I think, I drove the car away thinking that I might've "escaped" from the summon, I'm wrong. While driving randomly in TBR I only noticed the summon has been neatly placed under the wiper, duh!

I'm trying to find another place to park in TBR but because that time almost everywhere has been parked or blocked, I can't do anything much but to park to the usual spot under the track. Lucky for me there's a car just moving out when I'm getting near there. But still.... I can't avoid the summon after all. :(

Sigh, the summon cost me a bloody RM 100.... Last year I heard the summon is RM 30, then increased to RM 50, but now, RM 100!!! WTF?!?

This year seems like the DBKL officers are more "hardworking" giving out summons. Hmm.... does this means that DBKL's having financial issue here? Trying to find excuse to suck the people's money?
They came here almost weekly, at a random weekday, and at a random time.
Pity us students, have to fork out extra RM 100 to pay the damned summon.

I can't do anything much to protest, I've tried to avoid them by any cost, but seems that today my luck runs out. Damn DBKL blood leechers!


Just found out this video regarding DBKL's summon. WTF!!

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