21 June 2008

Jolene's Birthday Party

Was invited to attend Jol's party while in college yesterday. She turned 19 on 19th of June, a nice number combination!

Drove to her house in the evening, there's a few girls there already. Vivian, Ching Ying, Seow Ling & Melissa were there since the class ended at 1pm. Suyin, Xin Xin & Lai Mun reached moments before I do. Now, where's the boys? Hmm.... Tang Yang couldn't come for some reason, and the guys are missing in action due to delays & lost directions. Since I'm the only guy there, can't really do anything much but to feed myself with the good food.

Ah glorious food! Ching Ying is a great cook! The mutton she grilled is just nice! There's no "smell" in the meat, just a piece of lamb chop grilled to its perfection! Oh yea, the chicken wing taste nice too! Was busy helping myself with all the nice food while waiting for the guys to turn up.

I'm done with my 1st round, decided to help up abit to grill the meat. Hmm.... I realised that to get the mutton cooked isn't as simple as it seems. You can't tell if it's ready by just looking at the meat. It requires a sustain amount of knowledge to determine whether it can be served on the table already or not.
Take it out too early, people would complain the meat is still raw; take it out too late, they'll say the meat is quite stiff to be chewed. All the meat we served are "supervised" by Ching Ying the chef of the day.

Joined the rest of the people for card game and dancing DDR on PS. "Heart attack" is a fast-paced & exciting game, first time playing it but pretty much catch up with the concept relatively fast. As for DDR, hahah I'm not that good with it, but still it's fun to play.

Catch up with the rest of guys who reached late. Luckily there's still food for them, so we decided to settle down, have another round of meal, hanging out together chatting and joking. Ah, talk about fun time with friends!

We took a group photo before leaving, well the photo have to get from Vivian since I didn't bring my camera there.

It's a nice party, with all the nice food and good time hanging out, heh thanks again for the invite Jol! Oh yea, happy belated birthday again! :D

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