06 May 2008

Writing From College

Heh, got some spare time today because some friends are having their MUET test. Applied Maths lecture is cancelled, thanks to Mr Yap's goodwill to let students went off earlier to prepare for their speaking test.

Me? I'm not taking MUET, so I can enjoy at my pleasure while waiting for the next lecture on 1pm. Now is just 1137.... lots of time to kill!

Hmm.... we only realised AS is coming really soon. Our first paper will be Chemistry practical which falls on next Thursday (!).

Mr Low discussed our trial practical exam based on Oct/Nov '07 Paper 31. It's likely that titration will be asked for my turn. Better revise the titration calculations...

Mr Yap announced that he'll be taking over our Pure Maths lecture for the next semester, definitely a good news for us! Hahah, now we can bid farewell to the historian lecturer!

Now our question is who'll be taking over the Applied Maths then? My guess is that the current Applied Maths tutorial teacher Mdm Tan might be taking over, but friends remind me that she marks our paper leniently doesn't mean that she'll be good in the lecture. I dunno bout this, I'll just see what will happen next week.

The other reason why I wanted to come here to the CIT lab is to enjoy the great music. The Philips SBC HP195 headphone might look worn off, but it produces some of the best quality sounds I ever heard. I'm definitely consider getting this next time should my current earphone went slizzing. I've read good review bout the Philips earphone, and tried it out myself. I think it's definitely the right choice. Price-wise, it's around MYR 50.

Gotta love the music! :D

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