05 May 2008

Hot Wave!

These few days are extremely hot.... even myself a summer lover complained it is too hot to my liking. The weather is spinning its roulette and it always hit the sunny side....

Thanks to the modern age, we've something called air-conditioner which provide us some nice breezy chill wind, the ideal condition to sleep. So basically, surviving the heat isn't that hard with air-cond.

Last night, however, everything seems to stop functioning properly. I was asleep by 2045.... but was awaken by my sweat 10 mins before 0000. I thought I accidentally switch off the fan, and i check the buttons without opening my eyes. Weird, I DID switch on the fan, and I only realised I was soaked with my sweat, thanks to the heat plus one of the most unfavourable condition, electricity disruption.

I wonder around with torchlight, checking out the neighbourhood. Total blank, no sign of light or so any living form. Ironically the residential area just across the drain and across the road behind my house is still lighted brightly, the only source of light around other than my torchlight.

The night is too hot for me to go asleep again, and I cant really do anything about it. I ended up laying on my bed, feeding the mosquitoes, doing nothing for the next 2 hours.

To my delight, the electricity resume sometime around 0200. Now that I've the fan and air-cond back with me, but I'm not in the mood to sleep lol. It took my quite awhile to relax, and then fall asleep.

I purposely set the alarm clock late today so I can had enough sleep. I skipped half of Ms G's lecture today, as I think that skipping her class is not much harm.

How ironic it is, it rained heavily moments ago before I started to write this post.... Looks like the weather roulette hits the cloudy rain bet this time....

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