07 May 2008

One Republic - Apologize

Theng Tsing told me this song some time ago. It was only few days ago when I started to take notice of this song.

The intro nicely blend strings and some pop elements in it, and yes gotta love it comes with piano too! :D
I think the MV has done a pretty good job there to bring up the mood of the song.

There's also the Timbaland's version, which focus more on the vocal part than the instrumental part. Well, One Republic's sounds better in my opinion.

Whichever is better, you judge it for youself. :)


  1. i also live dis version of song.

    it's too late to apologize...
    it's too late.... :-)

  2. Hahah I think this song is great! :D

  3. Both versions of the song are great to listen to! I can't believe you only just heard it!!

    I don't really like this mv although it's really well done. It just doesn't feel like it suits the song..

  4. Hey there.

    I wasn't aware of this song until I heard it recently.

    The MV looks like some sort of breakup, well I think it's just nice for the song. Dont you think the song sounds heartbreaking at some point? Heh.