21 May 2008

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Tomorrow wont be going for class since there's basically no lesson at all. Lecturers aren't continue teaching because they know it isn't worth to continue the lecture, though they "threaten" us that they'll continue teach during the exam period duh!

Now that I'm in the 3rd semester, the final semester, we're still in the transition between the 2nd and 3rd sem, since we haven't really get familiar with the new time-table yet.

Talk about the new time-table, I'm kinda grateful that out of 5 weekdays, I only have 2 days of 8am class! For the other 3 days, my class starts either at 9am or 10am, which I really appreciate it because I can have enough time to sleep! Yeah!! Seriously, getting enough sleep is really precious for us students, especially we "no-life" SPUSers.

On the downside, coming late to college means I'll have to gamble a bit whether my usual parking spot will be taken by other people. When the diploma students come back, everywhere near TARC is pretty much packed with cars. Even today, the new batch diploma students started to turn out, TBR is basically jammed with cars. I wouldn't imagine when the older batch of diploma students coming back next Monday....

Also, coming to the college later will also result in going back later. Tuesday is the worst of all days, class from 8am to 4pm. Well good news is Wednesday 9am only start class, to compensate the day before.

A new time-table also means there may be changes in the lecturers.

Ms. Jeswynna took over Ms. Lynn in GP class. Now we ABC class are having GP lesson together with P class. The reason behind this is because many people will be dropping GP after AS, in the end only a few students will still be continue taking the lesson. Ms Jess looks promising, compared to the fiery Ms Lynn, she's much soft-spoken. Today had the first lesson with her, will be looking forward for her next lesson!

Applied Maths now taken over by Ms Tan. So far haven't start to teach in lecture, she only gave us few questions on AS as a revision for the upcoming test. I dunno why some coursemates are not into her class, well at least I think she's OK since she know the syllabus quite well.

Today we happily welcome back Ms Chong back in Biology lecture after her maternity leave. Discussed a few stuffs regarding the upcoming test and 3rd sem lessons, then she share with us her experience to become a mother. Hah, interesting stories she told, kinda amusing the way she told us. Well then, we're glad that she's back to teach us!

I started to understand what is it about with differential equations when Mr Yap take over the historian Mr Teo's Pure Maths lecture. It ain't that hard as what Mr Teo taught, much simpler than that. Mr Teo must have been deviated from our syllabus. It's crazy to deal with calculus + trigonometry all the time!

Anyway, the killer paper Pure Maths is coming this Thursday. Wish me lots of luck people..... because this is the deadliest of all for me.

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