22 May 2008

Driven nuts by music

I suppose to be doing final minute revision on Pure Maths now, but now I'm actually searching CD albums of a particular game, in order to get the music in the game. Sounds pathetic isn't it?
Sudden urge want to listen to the music again. Too bad, the CD was nowhere to be found. Was thinking whether I borrow it to my friend last time? Sigh.... it was a good game and nice music there. Btw the game is Civilization III.

I've been looking up 2 games recently, Civilization IV & Age of Empires III. Both are my favourites and I've played the previous series, Civ 3 & Age of Empires II. Both are really good game, and the music played is very good too.

I'm considering getting either one of the bundled games with the expansion packs, but I can only afford one at the moment. Both games now have 2 expansion packs respectively, but the bundled version only comes with one expansion. Hmm.... was thinking whether I should get it now, or wait til later this year to see whether they'll be selling the game bundled with 2 expansions?

Hard to resist the temptation, especially knowing that the game is great, and the music is good. It's a good stuff, and it's just a matter of time until I get both of 'em . >:)

Share with you the main themes of both games.
Age of Empires III
Civilization IV

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