20 May 2008

Random Post

Am writing from college currently. Had an extra hour to spare since Mr Low's
class is cancelled for today.

Last night spent quite awhile reading my friend Bryan's blog which talks about his experience in technology-fasting. Hah that guy managed to finish off the whole 7-days course if living life without computer, handphone, TV etc. Salute him, because I knew it will be very hard for me to do so.

My experience on techno-fast? Probably is during NS time, where I'm off the hook with the Internet and computer for nearly 2 months (I didn't complete the full 3 months).
Hmm.... actually I think I still can live with it, if there's other activities to do to kill time. Else, I'll be bored to death (literally).

Another story....

The latest local news in town is the resignation of ex-PM Tun Mahathir from the political party UMNO. His reason is pretty simple, he wouldn't be a member of UMNO if the current president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi did not step down from all his political post.

Malaysians know what's going on with Abdullah, he ain't as popular as he used to be when he won the general election in year 2004.

In year 2008, he's one of the notorious political figure who're living in his own fantasy world thinking that he's the supreme of all. The fact is he do not want to face the reality, the party had barely won the election by a simple majority (as opposed to the guideline requiring at least 2/3 majority, which they didn't achieve this time).

It is said that Abdullah controlled the main stream media only to broadcast and spread news that's favourable for his political party, and then cripple the reputation of the opposition party.

We say, the UMNO leaders are still in denial on what had happened in the election. They do not believe the fact that they've lost their power and authority to hold a portfolio in the administration or so. They're having the so-called "denial syndrome", as quoted from Marina Mahathir.

Abdullah's leadership is questionable. He did not kept his promise he did when he won the 2004 election. He vowed for a zero-corruption society, a safer community and equality among the races.

After 4 years, he did not fulfill any of the promises, instead everything went from good to bad. The corruptions are getting more and more serious, criminals are at large commiting crimes while the police force couldn't help much because they're "attacked" by the gov, and then there's the racial issues flying around at the end of last year. Besides, the hiking price in daily needs fuels the unsatisfactory on Abdullah's credibility.

As for now, Abdullah insist he is not quitting the party though his predecessor has asked him to do so. Since he's the leader of the whole party, he should be responsible on the defeat in the general election, well that's common sense. A leader should hold the ultimate responsibility on his side's performance.

Although I admire Tun Mahathir's leadership, but I cant help to wonder why he picked Abdullah as his successor at the first place? I intepret that, back then Abdullah is still a "Mr Nice Guy", down-to-earth and do things according to the rules and regulations. He seems to be a promising candidate to be the next PM, so Tun M chose him over instead of the current Deputy PM Najib.

UMNO aren't going anywhere safe if Abdullah is still around. He can only make the situation from bad to worse, if he's still insist that what he has done is rightful. He cannot be considered as a good leader, if he couldn't fix the problems lying around here and there.

Chinese said, "those who put on the bell, will have to remove it by themselves" (解铃还需系铃人), meaning that one who did the mistake will have to settle it up by oneself. Unfortunately, Abdullah did not understand this phrase.

There may be lots of behind-the-scene stories regarding the dark political arena, which we ordinary people may not understand or know. I believe there's lots of conspiracies happening now and then. The future of the country remains doubtful for many people, if the ruling party did not "stand up" after they "fall down", and instead still "lying down" there sulking.

One thing they need to address immediately is the "dispute" within the races. Now that none of the races are threatening each other, so the gov should stop accusing the people trying to cause racial uproar. Actually those politicians themselves are the one who're responsible for strirring up the racial issue.
On the grassroot level, there's no problem for different races people living together. What the politicians accused are FALSE. There's no need to mention May 13 again and again, you silly politicians.

At the end of the day, the history of this country will mark a new chapter when the people will vote for the current opposition parties to be the next government, while demoting the current ruling party to be the "opposition" then.
This dream may be realised in few years to come.... if Abdullah still refuse to step down. At his age, I think it's impossible to ask him adapt to a new mentality.

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