20 May 2008

Electricity Disruption, 2nd time.

This is the second time we experience sudden electricity disruption in the past few months. Hate it.... cant do anything without electric!

The TV went blank, the fan speed decreasing, and the monitor screen disappears at 10pm sharp. Crap. I can't stand there's no electricity at night! Arghh!! It is still OK if it happen during the day, but not at night when you need electricity to run the lights and ventilation! Also, without electricity, computer and Internet is pretty much useless.

I doubt that TNB is also suffering "withdrawal syndrome" like the ruling political party? C'mon! We've been paying the bills and yet you couldn't provide the consumers uninterrupted flow of current! Buckle up your service TNB!!

This doesn't happen frequently, so it's still excusable. But now.... this ain't the first time already! You don't even give notice if there will be interruption or so! Sheez, but what to do? TNB is the only electricity company running in the country  :(  .

I'm going to lodge a report to the local MP Mr Wee CK, see whether he can help us? I wanna test this new MP, heard about his "achievements" when he's serving in the Bukit Bintang district. Let's see what he can contribute

Currently writing this at 11pm, still no electricity. I expect power resume after 1 hour, but no. I guess I've to wait another hour see? Previously the current went down on 11.45pm and resume around 2am. Tough luck huh?

My laptop still got ~2 hours battery life, and I dont plan to sleep so soon because tomorrow's class start at 9am. Furthermore, this kind of weather is too hot to fall asleep, and you'll also feeding more mosquitoes than you usually do. Those buggy insects love to come out and suck blood when the surrounding is hot. Not to mention, their buzzing sound is very annoying. You can hear things very clearly when the surrounding is so quiet.

Good news, the electricity is back just before I end this post, which is a good news.  :D

The time is now 11.20pm, roughly 1.5 hours of electric disconnection.  I hope there won't be a third time this happened again....

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