19 May 2008

Bilingual post

I'll be writing this post in 2 languages, that is English and Chinese. I'll start with Chinese first, followed by the English post.  :)









Hello! It's been awhile since I last write a blog post in Chinese! Oh dear, my chinese has been going downhill, well simply because I long time didn't write it already!

Recently saw many friends blogging in chinese, I felt that I'm being left behind by them. I used to have a chinese blog, but was lazy to update it. That blog serve as a space to complain and rant, even if I finish write a post, I do not felt satisfied with it. So, better leave it aside.

Hmm.... I feel that the way I writing this in chinese is kinda mechanic, unnatural. Nowadays always write articles in English, neglected other languages, even the Malay language, which I rarely use now. Heh luckily I still able to speak it, at least my tongue haven't twisted yet lol.

I uses simple words, nothing to fancy, I cant really write as creatively in others' blog. Heh sometimes I'm envy with them.

It's weird, last time when I was in primary and secondary school most of the time I'm conversing in chinese, but why my essay doesn't seems to be as fluent as my friends'? We're growing up in a similar environment, and yet there is still difference in the essay quality.

There's no point I blame myself or regret, because it's too late already. Everyone has different styles and personalities, and of course everyone has their own hidden talents, so comparing between each other is pretty much useless. Heh you may say that I'm kinda a loser who wants to hide my flaws, well so be it. Still, I believe every individuals living in this world, must have a mission and destiny they have to fulfil in life, and it's just up to themselves whether they realise it or not. You're born with natural abilities and talents in order to help you achieve the goal of life.

At the end of the post, I would like to share this song with you all, a song called "Prayer". Some Japanese composed this song, but brought into fame by Chinese singers.

Let us pray for the victims of Myanmar cyclone and China earthquake tragedies....

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