08 April 2008

Thinking of getting some football gears

I've been considering getting another pair of football boots as a spare for quite some time already. For now my main choice wont be Adidas, I go for Nike instead.

My current Adidas Predator boots has been serving me good for more than 1.5 years now. It's still in playable condition, but I see the flaws in the boots which might affect my gameplay. The bladed studs config is what I concern for now, because I seems to lost grip from time to time when I'm about to sprint or change in direction, something isn't right with the traction alignment. Still, there's no doubt that Predator boots are best for shooting, especially set-pieces or long-ranged ball.

Predator Firm Ground bladed studs config.

What I'm eyeing now is this, Nike Tiempo Legend II.

Legend II 

Here you may compare Legend's studs arrangement compared to the Predator's above.

My budget should be around MYR 170 for this. Nike Legend boots are well-known for their comfort and performance. The retro design makes this boots a lower-profile boots compared to others on the market, nothing flashy and yet able to deliver the perfect ball. I'm quite confident this boots will be the solution for the traction alignment problem I mentioned above. I would like to see how this boots perform when it comes to shooting, and also tackling (I dun think round-studs will be harmful compare to bladed studs). Hahah, who'll be my first guinea pig to test out my new boots, should I buy it soon?  :P

Football boots is just one of the shopping list here. I'm also thinking of getting a new ball, and a protective gear.

As for balls, I'll definitely go for an Adidas ball. I've tried both Adidas and Nike balls, and I still prefer Adidas to Nike due to the balls performance. Although I'm just an amateur player, I take things quite seriously here. The ball will affect the overall performance and if you're not used to it, you're doomed. I like the way Adidas balls react, as I felt that Nike balls are harder to "tame" it down. If you take a look into the pro's world, those major football events' balls are sponsored by Adidas instead of Nike (though you may argue Nike's sponsoring EPL & La Liga).

Adidas Finale is looking good.  ^^


As for the protective gear, I'll be looking for a cheap/discounted shinguard. No idea what is it? Pic:


Basically it's a plastic armour placed on the shin, obviously. It's function is to reduce the possible injury due to tackles and challenges. Although I like to tackle others, I'm also vulnerable to be tackled by the opponent as well. To play safe, adding in a protective layer is an insurance. Most people who're not into football wouldn't notice this thing is because the players cover it with their socks (that's why players are wearing knee-length socks).

Hmm, from my rough calculation, all these 3 stuffs will cost me close to MYR 250. Not a cheap deal there.....

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