08 April 2008

PC Fair shopping list

Right, so I'm going to PC Fair this Friday at KLCC, likely to be in the afternoon, or perhaps earlier than that (depends the lecture).

This time I just need to get one or two important things, the rest it's optional.

Top on the list, is Canon printer ink cartridge, more specifically, BCI-24 black and colour.

canon_bci-24_black canon_bci-24c

Dont argue with me, I still think that getting the original cartridge is much safer and reliable although there's "replacement", which is much cheaper than the original. I think my budget for the ink cartridges should be around RM 100, 2 black ink and 1 colour ink. Hmm.... see is there any offer or not.

#2 on the list is an external HDD my relative asked me to get for her. Budget is RM 200, and according to the market price I should be able to get at least 80GB + casing within this price range.

Next are the optional things, there's no harm whether I buy it or not.

I want to get disc markers, you know, the marker pens specifically for labelling CD/DVD. Mine is running out of ink lately. Budget: RM 20.

Pendrive, 4GB. Market price is around RM 50, with 8GB one selling close to 100. I can see that next year the 8GB price will drop to ~60.

A laptop backpack, namely Targus.

laptop bag

Luckily my laptop is in standard size, not too big and not too small, so it can fit in nicely with most bags out there. It's much portable, better than the messenger-bag Dell provided, plus I can stuff in loads of things to fill up the bag. :D
Anyway this gear wont cost cheap though, I give it budget around RM 200.

And lastly, reward myself once again with some fine Japanese cuisine! :D

Yummy!! :P

Since I got Sushi King voucher, so I opt to dine in there. I havent tried Genki Sushi before, though I heard it's better than SK. I'm quite satisfied with SK's food, just that I dont have much money to try all their sushi and dishes. Also, I plan to get their membership card, since I think I'll be going to SK more often. :P

I might need to spend the money on something else other than all these mentioned. Hmm, I'll be looking whether Maksim's 5th album "Pure" is available now.... Also, should there's a discount or stock-clearance sale, I might pick up the football boots I mentioned in this post. Hahah, all these geeks are costly!

I maybe have to take out some of my savings to fill up the gap. This time, I try not to ask money from parents anymore. If I spend my own money, I wont felt guilty lol.

Here's another simple calculation on my budget....

  • Must: Ink cartridge (RM 100), external HDD (RM 200).
  • Optional: disc marker (RM 20), pendrive 4GB (RM 50), Laptop backpack (RM 200), Sushi King meal (RM 50).

    Hoho.... it's more than I can afford for now..... I will definitely not bringing so much cash out that day, so maybe I'll go there again on the next day? Besides, I might do a survey on the football boots and the album so that I can allocate the money how should I spend.

    Mmm.... I'm obsessed with money!!

  • P/S: Who's interested joining me there? I'm likely to go there by myself. I do enjoy someone to accompany me there.
    If you're interested, kindly drop a message in the comment, or in the cbox on the right so that we could plan how's things going to work out. :)

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