08 April 2008

End of Trial Exam

Yes!! It's all over now! :D

Hah, at least the trial exam is not as hard as I expect, though I still have problems to finish all the questions.

The last 3 papers were the deadliest. Chemistry, Physics and Bio paper 2.

Chemistry 2 is a serial murderer. A few unfamiliar questions, need more time to digest and answer it, which means less time to spare for brainstorming for the other question. I thought I'm confident in Chemistry paper, but not for this one. :(

Ah, Physics 2, a few familiar questions I've seen here. Now now, there's a repetition in the questions which is taken out directly from past year papers. I think I did quite well in this paper, but of course I'll see whether the lecturer would agree on my answer or not lol.

The last, Biology 2. Supposedly to be one of my best, but looking at the questions.... *sweat*. This time the paper consist lots of graphical questions, which is uncommon in Bio paper (usually are slides or microscopic images). I cant say it's easy, but at the same time I managed to answer most of the questions.
Now what I'm concern is who'll be marking the paper? I'm doubtful on Ms G's knowledge and understandings in marking the paper according to A Levels' scheme. Also, I'm doubtful Ms Koo will be marking our paper since she'll be dealing with the papers from DEG classes.
I still think that Ms Chong is the best to teach us, give us lecture and mark our papers. :P

At least I can relax a bit for now. I cannot slack off too much as the REAL AS exam is just 1 month to go, starting with Chem practical. I hope in this 1 month time we could somewhat revised AS stuffs, and forget about A2 things temporarily.

Heh, after the exam finished, I reward myself with a nice KFC meal hahah! Love the cheezy wedges, and the star of all, ZINGER MAXX burger!


I guess the only reason I step into KFC now is to order the Zinger Maxx, and nothing else, heh (their famed fried chicken size is shrinking everytime I try it. :S ).

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