08 April 2008


Darn! I suppose to be dreaming now, and yet I'm here writing blog!

Shoot it, everyday after coming back from the exam I took a nap for few hours, and ended up I couldnt fall asleep when I'm suppose to be sleeping (sleeping in the afternoon while staying awake in the middle of the night).

Tomorrow going to have the last paper for the trial exam. Excited? Not really. Stressed? I'm relaxed!

Sigh, this is not the first time I experience insomnia. I dont think I'm too stressed until I couldnt sleep soundly. Everytime I went to bed, there must be lots of thoughts flying here and there in my mind, instead of shutting the brain down and call it a day. My brain is working non-stop even when I ask it to halt it, heh.

Do you have any solutions to cure insomnia? I'm annoyed because I dislike the feeling of waking up in the morning, and then started to fell sleepy in the middle of the lecture. College is definitely not a good place to sleep (in contrast to secondary school lol).
I know, I'll try to fix myself not to take nap in the afternoon, as I think that's what causes my recent insomnia lol.

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