20 March 2008

My Caricature


My own caricature, looks weird isn't it? Hahaha....

This year's V day night went to a CNY open house of my father's friend. There's this artist who came from Beijing specialising in drawing caricature. He's drawing free caricatures that night, so gotta wait for awhile before my turn to be drawn on the paper, heh.

I'm not really a guy into the art of drawings, but I find that my own caricature is rather funny from it looks.

At the first glimpse, I asked myself do I look so evil? LOL. Is my eyes that narrow? Either way, it's hard for a non-artistic lad to judge an artist's work in making.

Hahah, I told him I like football and he painted me like a footballer, how nice! He did captured some details like my red shoe and red stripes shirt, heheh.

But.... I still find it funny and hard to believe this is me in caricature LOL!

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