20 March 2008

Updates on College

I see lack of college updates now..... this week I've been driven crazy with cars, hahah.

Sorry, no fancy pics in this post as "resources" are running short. lol.

Talk about college, things are going pretty cranky lately due to many changes here and there.

Trial exam is just 2 weeks to go, yet many of us aren't really prepared for it. Lecturers keep reminding us how many weeks left for the trial, and how many weeks to go for the real exam. I dont like to have my days "numbered".

On the bright side, Bio lecturer Mdm Chong gave birth a boy on Tues night, weighed 3.2 kg. Congratz to her! She still teaching us on Monday, told us that she might be absent on the next day. Who would've guessed the baby popped out that soon lol! Welcome to the new world kiddie! :)

Speaking regarding Bio lessons, now we'll have to change our time-table again to suit the time for the care-taker lecturers who'll be replacing Mdm Chong.
For lecture, there'll be a Ms J coming for us (not sure with her name yet so better stick with initial heh).
For practical, Mdm Chong's teacher (our grand-teacher lol) Ms Khoo will be handling the experiments. We've much faith in Ms Khoo as Mdm Chong praises and assures us that Ms Khoo is a much better teacher compare to herself, heh. So far we haven't met with these lecturers yet, next week will be interesting! :D

We're missing a lot of GP lessons due to Ms Lynn's MC and also public holiday (which is tomorrow, happy birthday to Mohd!). Classmates are concern bout their essays, as we haven't get back any single essay since we submit it in Jan. Ms Lynn may be a great teacher, but without handling back our papers we wouldn't know how good/bad we did.

I have a thought during one of a sleepless night. I plan to collect photos from coursemates and compile them into a video, like the one I did for secondary school. I think this is a good idea to preserve some wonderful memories together with friends in college.
Note that we SPUS students only study in the college for 1.5 years instead of normal 2 years for diploma students, which means we'll be together much shorter. It's still early now, but it's best if we could start to appreciate each other earlier, if not we might regret it when we all depart for our own journey then.

I shall have a good night sleep today, after having slight insomnia in the past few days. Luckily I still can concentrate in the class. I hate to be in sleeper's mood when I'm supposed to stay on focus. :\

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