22 March 2008

Back to Chong Hwa

Was fortunate that today the Bio practical is cancelled, so I'm off for good at 11am. My primary objective of the day is to collect my SPM cert. The SPM cert is only ready 1 year after we got our result, so called "efficiency" huh.... Secondary objective is to meet up with friends. Yeah, it's important to at least keep in touch with 'em as I'm no longer studying in the school. :)

It was rather quick to settle my first objective, luckily the office lady is around this time. Twice I came to school, and either the lady is out for prayer, or the office is closed. The cert, nothing much to shout bout my result, this was the past.

As usual my habitual to take photos in the school, I bring along the cam for some shots if there's anything I find interesting.

Too bad the first 2 pics are eyesore.... Vandalism problem still lurking around the school....


New LCD screen in front of the office showing info bout school activities and so on. I dont think it's worth the money to spend it on an item like this.....

Futsal and basketball court turned into car park.

Mini garden

New goal post just in front of band's room.

Juniors busy practising marching for Sports Day.

Besides taking pictures, I also join my F6 mates to listen a talk given by our seniors regarding preparing for STPM. Although I'm taking A Levels, but both shares similar aspects so I can somewhat make use of few advices here.

The speakers, Yew Shien and another senior.

F6 students preparing for the talk. Noticed an odd colour near end? Heh.

Yew Shien speaking bout his experience preparing for STPM.

Meeting up with friends again is nice, I'm glad that I'm still being welcomed to join them although I'm no longer a student there :D. There's lots of things we can share and learn from each others.

Apparently, some friends also turn up in school unexpectedly. Among them are Mun Hoe, Sun Hua, Chun Meng & Kok Seng. Each of them are pursuing their studies or works, they look doing well there. Good to see them back to school..... either collecting their SPM cert, meet with school admin, or meetup with friends. I'm tempted to going back there again to mess with friends again, before it's too late. LOL.

I still miss the Fridays when I'm playing football, just like this pic.


  1. your school is very beafiful!! bye marta

  2. Umar & Marta,

    Thank you both of you! :D