09 March 2008

Malaysia 12th General Election

It's a shocker!
It's an earthquake!!
It's a tsunami!!!
Whatever disastrous term you use, it's really a big issue for the entire nation!

So what's the big fuss happening over here? The most recent general election's result surprises everyone!

The opposition parties swept away many strongholds of the governing party, the worst result for the governing party (and the best result for the opposition) to date. This diagram shows you the states the opposition parties (red) had won from this election.
[click for larger view]

GE result

Hoho..... half of the states in Peninsula has been taken over by the oppositions, which consist of Democratic Action Party (DAP), People's Justice Party (PKR), and Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party (PAS). The newly acquired states by the oppositions are Penang, Kedah, Perak & Selangor. Kelantan is been PAS' state since the previous elections.

As for the governing party, the National Frontiers (BN), they failed badly. They cant take over the Kelantan state, but also losing more states to the oppositions. Hahah, BN, dream on! It's very obvious that the peoples arent satisfied with the government over the years.

Today, the peoples are the boss, and today the boss fires you!

The winners: DAP, PKR, PAS.


The ugly: BN


BN has been the governing party since decades ago. The people used to trust them because of their manifesto of running a multi-racial government. Things turned ugly few years back after Abdullah Badawi (LOL at the pic, sleeping Abdullah, his trademark!) take over Mahathir's position as the Prime Minister. That is when all hell, break loose.

The crime rate is up, inflation in the goods price, hiking price for petroleum, racial discrimination, etc, these are all the factors driven the 12th general election result a big upset for BN. The people are crying for foul, but the top heads just ignore the call.

The disgusting pair: Khairy and Abdullah's lust of power.


They narrowly won the election using dirty tricks such as cheating and manipulating the votes. They are the corrupted top guns in the country, but nothing can be done to take 'em down because the authority lies within them. Crap.

From the election result, we can see that many ministers lost their seats as well. Notable casualties are:

Samy Vellu drown in Sg Siput (happy belated sad birthday!);
Shahrizat is washed ashore in Lembah Pantai;
Zainuddin Maidin aka ZAM also drown in Sg Petani;
Koh Tsu Koon knocked hard on his head in Batu Kawan (literally mean friend's rock, how irony).

Many big names fall on this stage.

Well, the ministries will be having lots of new faces this time. I just hope that the right job is given to the right person. Someone has to cease the lust of power of Abdullah Badawi!

Actually, I think this is the time he should step down from the top head after suffering the worst defeat in the election history. Given for any other countries, the leaders usually step down if the election result isn't good (not for the case in Pakistan though).
C'mon la, you've proven yourself incapable to handle the job, you cannot do things right, and you even make it worse. Obviously, you've enough reasons to step down now Abdullah. NOW!!

Now I'm excited to see what kind of government the oppositions can form, what's the difference and impact compared to BN's reign. We'll see.... now is just the beginning of a whole new era.... The dawn of the new reign!

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A local comedian group made this video weeks ago before the election. Hah, their jokes did came true though. :D

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