08 March 2008

College life pics

Thanks to my new phone, now I can capture many pics in the college! It's been fun, so I think it's good to share it here.

Me in futsal gear. Ready to play anytime! :D
Football gear

The goal post, somewhere I wanna hit the ball in.
Goal post

Empty carparks before diploma students back from break. The library is hidden behind trees.
Empty Carparks

College pool.
College pool

GP class with Ms Lynn. She's da bomb!
GP class

New Sony LCD in bio lab. Cool!
New LCD in bio lab

Physics experiment.
Physics experiment

Combustion/Burning of organic hydrocarbon.
Combustion of hydrocarbon

Silver mirror, positive result for aldehyde testing, using Tollen's Reagent.
Silver mirror

Some friends.

Playing in the arcade. Love the air hockey game!
Game in arcade

Interesting t-shirt worn by my mate. Heheh.
Interesting t-shirt

Be wary of the 2.0 megapixels cam! ;)


Noob playing DDR machine. (-__-")

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