06 March 2008

19th Birthday

Heheh..... so fast I'm getting older already lol! I didnt expect to age so fast hahah! Well well, the fact is, I'm 1 year older now, which means more expectations and responsibilities to come. Some joked I'll have more white hairs from now on, but I take it as I'm growing smarter and wiser.  ;)

This morning when I step into the classroom, classmates inform me that we're having 2 classes today because lecturers absent. I thought that's a prank, but after I check on the notice board, yep, they aren't kidding me, today 4 lessons are cancelled. Thanks to Mr Low's arrangement, our class will end our lesson for today at 12pm instead of 3pm. Good news!

I was greeted with birthday wishes from friends, hahah, it feels good, thanks everyone! I really appreciate this, thanks and thanks again hahah... It's an honour, to have classmates sang Happy Birthday for me in the Chemistry lab hahah, a historical moment lol!

Today's chemistry experiment need us to determine a few hydrocarbon compounds with some test. Here's a positive test result for aldehyde, using Tollen's Reagent. The result is something called silver mirror, shiny and attractive matter... The pic shows the result from my mate Justin's experiment. It is not easy to prepare the Tollen's Reagent!

silver mirror

After the practical session we head to Jusco to celebrate. I chose KFC because I still prefer the chickens after all hahah. Nandos is good but it isnt cheap. It still taste good, though I only ate 2 pieces of chicken, I can stuff in more!

We head to the arcade after the meal. We usually hooked up with the dancing machine, racing, air hockey and quiz games. We've spent quite a lot here lol.... just cant stop exchanging the tokens game after game. Jusco earn alot from their arcade today lol. I dont really have luck playing these machines, like this one.... Beatmania.


To celebrate birthday in this fashion, hahah, is really another kind of experience heh. After all it's fun, though costly lol.

Back home, got more wishing messages on and offline. It's great to have people still remember your birthday, hahah! It really feels good, especially when you got the msg from an old friend, or someone you havent been contacting for sometime.   :)

My 19th birthday, is something different than usual birthdays, though there's no fancy party like my 16th, a quiet Monday 17th, or a football game for the 18th. Every birthday celebrations mark it's significance in my life, I appreciate all the friends and family celebrate this special occasion with me, I'm glad that I've been living in this world, having the best friends around me, and a supportive family.
We live our life just once, so it's important to live up your life to the highest level, isnt that right?

This year I didnt receive any gifts, but I dont really mind that. The most important is the peoples around me who celebrate it with me. Hahah, I did have a wishlist for the present, that is a new football: Teamgeist.

 Teamgeist red

My 2002 Fevernova is badly worn out, it's almost time to change it already. The pic below is taken on 2005, the ball condition is much better way back then.


Thanks but I do not like Nike's ball, the feel for the ball is not as good as Adidas'.   :P

OK I'm done with a little talk bout my wishlist. For this birthday, the only thing I regret is I'm still not in a relationship with anyone lol. I hope that I wont be celebrating my 20th birthday alone.   XD


  1. heyy, I didn't know it was your birthday!! Good thing I check your blog ^_- so...

    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!! little cousin =P

  2. Hahah thanks Xiao Yin! :D