09 March 2008

New Header

In case you haven't notice it (better check your eyesight if you didn't notice it lol), I've changed this blog's header image. :)

Also, I've changed the blog title from "Neo Rhapsody" to "PianoForte". It's ok if you didn't notice this 'coz it's not as obvious as the header image.

I've been changing the headers from time to time. Here's a few headers/banners I used previously.

So called "Rhapsody of Kolibre". This pic is taken from Maksim's "Kolibre" MV.

A rather dull banner but suits nicely with my previous template/layout. This blog used to run on white before I turn it into the blue you seen now. The piano score is actually "Croatian Rhapsody" by Maksim. I got lots of inspirations from that song, love it. :)

This is the first header I integrate in this blog for the current layout. Pic is "Eye of Malaysia" with KLCC on the background.

The last header before switch to the new one. Featuring Kuala Lumpur skyscrapers and dark clouds, heh.

So what do you think bout the headers?

P/S: I also redesigned my Friendster's profile. :)

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