24 February 2008

TARC SPUS Prom Nite 2008

Disclaimer: This post is written out of abnormal mood. What you read here doesn't reflect my real standards, so please do not judge it as if you know me very well. Comments are still welcomed however.
A post written in a bad mood, of course it sounds nasty. >:)

My first time attending a prom, but it doesn't turn out like what I expected. In other words, a disappointment. It really kills off my mood. :(

I was so excited and looking forward to attend the prom, because I didnt have to chance to attend one during my high school days. My school is too poor to organise such exquisite event for students.

I'm going to the prom without partner, hoping that I could have one of my classmate be my partner. I invited her to the prom but she refuses because she want to go back to her home this weekend.
She turn out to the prom eventually, saying that many of her friends are going so she's tagging along.
I'm cool with it, in fact I'm pleased that she's going too. I wouldn't want to mess up this golden opportunity. ;)


I waited her and her friends near the entrance. She's very gorgeous in the gown, I didnt expect she looks so good.... O_o

Things went pretty well for me to this part, I lead them into the hall to be seated. I'm still the same nice and helpful guy there, except that I'm getting nervous and pulses keep increasing. Dont ask me why, I've told my mind treat the situation as cool and normal as possible, but the heartbeat ignored my order.
You know, when your heart beats fast, your rhythm will somewhat mess up so you might do some stupid things.

"Right, so I'm in the middle of the prom, yeah! Still yet to find a chance to dance with her lol.
Let it be an endless waltz~ gg.
This is my chance, so I'm gonna make it the day for both of us!
I wrote this when the event's starting.

Before we proceed to the entertainment part, we're asked to have our dinner at a nearby room. Everything looks fine, I've nothing much to complain bout the food except that the noodle isn't edible. Love the Secret Recipe cakes though.

Me, with lecturer Mr Low and Edmund.


After the meal we went back to the hall. We took few shots before the program started.

Martin, Johnson, Cliff and Edmund.

Coursemates again.

The programs, I'd say it's bad. After a few songs suddenly pop out people from 8TV promoting Project SuperStar stuff. I didnt watch TV that frequently so I dunno anyone of them. Project SuperStar is basically another talent-reality show. I'm sick of these shows.

These "entertainers" talk too many craps, dragged the time too long until many of us lost patience watching the show. Pity those who dunno Mandarin, because those 8TV freaks keep speaking in mandarin without concerning the audiences. I understand 8TV is a mandarin-based channel, well cant they be more reasonable to cut the show shorter? They wasted more than half an hour making fool of themselves.
I'm not a fan of these stuffs, so please back-off. I can only lament my unluckiness have to bear with the freaky program.

At least, the program after that isn't that bad. I do enjoy the songs sang by one of the Talent Time night champion, really amazing voice and softly-sang. This is then I buff up my guts to ask her to have a dance with me.
To my dispair, she turn me down. :S

I've been reasonable not to force her because this will do no good for us, I just say if there's other suitable songs I'll ask her to dance with me again. I back off from the scene then.

That is when all the things turn from bad to worse.

As the performers playing more and more song, everyone is dancing on the dancefloor, having some fun times. I for one, found myself in an awkward position. I dont really have the feeling, the excitement, the mood to dance with the crowd.

Something is disturbing me, I dunno how to describe. P
erhaps is the songs doesn't suit my taste?
Perhaps is the crowd acted too wild?
Perhaps is the lightings too bright for the eyes?
Perhaps, there's something else running in my mind, blocked all the pathways to excitement?

I dunno what happen in me... Definitely not the best night. Sigh....
I'm blank and blur.
I dunno what should I do next.
Err.... speechless, numbness. (-__-")
This shouldnt happen but..... oh well.

Written in distraught mood, near the end of the event.

Saw her having fun with someone while I'm standing in the middle do nothing. I somewhat can understand the feeling of the characters in MVs, when they stand in the middle of dancing crowd, watching someone there, feeling down and low..... very upset. One of the example is "Love Comes Again" by DJ Tiesto, how irony....

Sigh.... I felt like being stabbed in the heart, the mind and the soul.
It's messed up.
It's really weird, the feeling, the emotion..... everything just not my taste.

My first prom, is a failure.

Regret? Nay.
Upset? Yea.
Angry? Nay.
Chances to come? Hell yeah!


  1. hey boy.. I'm sorry to hear your sad 'courting' story however,you are blogging here with the PROM NIGHT as your title in this public blogsite.If you were writing a GP essay or MUET essay, I'd say you've gone out of topic. Coz you are writing about your EMOTION:every single word was govern by your emotion.NOT the NIGHT. Please be fair to the organisers and all others who made the night a success.U know that at the end,the crowd was enjoying themselves.You were simply frustrated over your misfortune.Mind you,have more senses and be a sensible gentleman.Maybe the girl made a good choice of not accepting you seeing how immature you are.I dun mean to be anonymous but I'm not a member here.Juz happened to drop by.Think about what a jerk you've been.

  2. Anonymous:

    Yes, I do agree with some of your points here. It does make sense.
    A mad person couldn't think and act rationally under desperate conditions. Yea, I'm saying myself is desperate.

    True enough that my view doesn't reflect what the majority thinks, I think it's quite OK actually, except that the programming somewhat messed up.
    Also, my taste of music differs from the crowd, which make things more worse for me.

    As for the girl's part, what I did and experience that night is my own responsibility. What's done is done, more importantly is what I suppose to do from now onwards.

    Furthermore, this is my blog so I have all the freedom to talk what I want. It's sorry for you that the 1st post you read here spoil your mood.

    Bad experiences like this isn't good to be kept within one himself, accumulation of such negative feelings will result in an emotional outburst sometime later.
    I felt better after writing all this out.

    This can be served as a lesson for myself, to be reviewed when I read it back later on.

    As for your present here, I dont hold any grudge on what you commented. I do welcome if there's something more you'd like to add in here.

  3. hey, it's his blog and he is entitled to blog about anything he wants, don't blast him for writing something you don't like, if you don't like it, you can always click the close icon okay?

  4. add oil guy~!

    to Anonymous..piss off u!!!

  5. Chill people, chill....

    I'm glad that you all are backing me here, thanks alot.

    Well I think that everyone have to accept critics from times, so I dont really bothered bout Anonymous' comment. He/She's speaking the fact, he/she ain't defaming so I'm cool with it.

  6. aiyo..the mr low still the old look.... miss him somuch lar...

    my chem lecturer!!! isit he teaching you chem???

  7. Yea, Mr Low's teaching me now, a nice guy he is.

    Now he's promoted to Head of Dept alrdy, under Bio & Chem.

  8. Hey, juz dropped by to check out ur blog after my fren, oga told me bout ur blog here writing nice stuff bout me lol... Oh, i forgot to intro myself, i'm weikeat, a former student from TARC, and was invited to perform that night. I'm really glad i could at least cheer u up, even if it's juz a little... The songs which i performed that night were originally sang by Josh Groban(my idol :p) namely 'Gira con me Questa notte' and 'Home to Stay', u can always check it out if u like them. Anyway, u needn't feel so disappointed over this prom, it was way better compared to last year's(which was my year) and you should be glad that you still hav something to eat. I remember i had to starve for the whole night lolz... Anyway, pls do me a favour and tell mr.low that weikeat said hi, thank u ^^ He was such a nice teacher lol...

  9. Hello weikeat,

    Heh yep you the man that night, how pity you just sang 2 songs, I'd like to have you sing all night long lol!

    This is my 1st prom so I dont have anything to compare it. Other than my sulking mood and the 8TV program, I think it's good because they manage to "kick up" everyone to life, except me lol.

    Sure, I'll sure mention you to him when I have the chance. He's a great entertainer teacher :)

  10. weikeat:

    Lolz... don even get me started on the superstar stuff... It was a total disaster. Remember the man who played the keyboard while i sing? He was my piano teacher, I had invited him over to play the accompaniment for my songs, and you simply won't believe this guy, he's super super amazing!!! My teacher here, has got a rare talent called the 'perfect pitch' found only in 1 out of 1000 person which enables him to identify every single note he hears. Well, when the superstar contestants sang, he was telling me that they went out of tune, way off from the key they're supposed to sing in.in case you don't know, there are a total of 12notes in 1 octave, and they went 6notes away =.= noobz.... and i had to stand at the backstage with my teacher doing nothing for 30mins juz because they showed up out of no where... according the the program coordinator, he never knew that they were coming until the very last min! and yeah, i totally agree with you, they really should've cared more bout other ppl, talking in mandarin all the way. brainless fools =.= haha, anyway, I would've been glad to perform for you guys whole night long, but if that happens, you wouldn't call it a prom anymore, would you? XD anyway, it's been great performing for you guys, take care and good luck in your exams!!

  11. WeiKeat:

    A perfect pitch teacher? Hahah that's amazing!

    I seldom watch TV, and yet I dont find any sort of entertainment values from the Superstar stuff, sienz.
    With more and more low Q reality talent show around, no wonder I shun myself from TV lol.

    Yo, maybe we could chat on MSN? I dont have ur's, maybe you can add me? clf_devilzx@yahoo.co.uk. :)