27 February 2008

Ways to De-stress

People nowadays are subjected to a lot of external pressures and stress, especially those living in the urbs. No matter who you are, where you live, what you do, is all somewhat affected by the drawbacks of stress.

I've my own methods of shaking off the stress, and I'd like to share with you here.

First thing comes into my mind is chill out with music.
As you know, music has been playing a big part in my life. Music is my drug, my ecstasy, my tranquiliser, etc, you name it.

Most songs I listen are instrumental-based, which can evoke the inner soul deep inside me. I felt comfortable, relaxed, calm when listening the music.

The songs I listen varies, depends on my mood.
When I'm feeling upset, distress, I'll play "Grief & Sorrow" from Naruto OST. It's a sad song, as the title indicates.
If I'm demoralised & demotivated, I'll tune into something livelier, such as "V3" from O2Jam.
Before I sleep, I will cleanse my mind with soft songs, such as "Whisper in the Dark" by Yanni and "Cristofori's Dream" by David Lanz.

I'm addicted to music, much like smokers adicted to cigs.

My alternative way to release all the stress is kicking a ball.

To me, a ball is the medium where I can unleash all the pressure.
I just focus all the negative thoughts I have, concentrate in my mind, and then release all of them when I hit the ball hard. The harder the kick, the more it releases, and the better it feels.

Oh yea, I also enjoy tackle others too. It really satisfies me when I made a successful tackle, especially a sliding tackle. Then again, it's also another form to exert the tensions into another medium, just that make sure dont injured the tackled guy. :P

I've been a good listener for my friends, so I expect the same treatment from them when I need someone over there. It's not that I demand something in return from them, but when you're feeling down, you really need someone trustworthy whom you can really count on, especially in keeping things private.

Besides talking bout the problem with fellow friends, I'd also like to write it out like in the blog, another method of expressions. I understand that not everyone agree with this move, as this reflects the negative thoughts in me, but for me this is a good practise to train my writings, thinkings and improve my mentality.

I think these 3 points covered all I wanted to say. Everyone has their own ways to do things, so I guess some may not like my methods here. If you have your own idea, why dont you share it here? ;)

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