23 February 2008

Time to relax~

It's unusual for missing updating this blog for weeks, now that I've almost done with all the tasks, so I can relax and enjoy my time.

College life, is getting more upbeat, more fun to come, and also more pressure ahead.
Nevertheless, we still can squeeze out a little time to enjoy life, hanging out with friends, which I'm enjoying doing so. :)

Chinese New Year 2008 mark it's end on 22 Feb night. I went to Thean Hou Temple to celebrate the last day of CNY. I'm having the last test on the next day, so I'm 50-50 whether I wanna go there with family or not.
Turns out that it wasn't that bad after all. Had a satisfying Hainan cuisine dinner, watch cultural shows, light shows etc.

Dinner, Hainanese cuisine. Steamed chicken, rice ball, braised pork, stew mutton.

Thean Hou Temple

IMG_1549 IMG_1547
IMG_1556 IMG_1563

Yesterday picked up my new handphone, bought it all with my "hard-earn cash".

Nokia 5310

Nokia 5310 Xpress Music..... love the colour, love the functions, but hate it dont have chinese input!

Objection from parents though.... They said I'm wasteful to get a new phone since my old Nokia 1110 still working.
I think I deserves a new phone, and after all I didnt ask for money from them to buy it. I know it's a little "luxurious" to get a phone for my current expense, but I'm using it for my own good.
Still, I did not regret getting this sleek phone. :)

The climax of the entire story, is that I'll be attending a prom in college this evening. 1st time attending one, and I wanna make sure I dont wanna blow it hahah.

Updates for the prom will be followed by another post. ;)

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