13 February 2008

Great Day with a Little Bumper

Today is a good day, finished Pure Maths exam without any much problem. Differentiation and Integration? Those calculus questions seem tame to me, heh.

Everything was good for me, really. Had a satisfying lunch, a great conversation with friends, lesson ended earlier, a typical good day for me.

Well, things turn a little bumpy when I'm going back. Noticed my front-left tyre is flatten. Crap.
I was numb, because this isn't the first time my tyre punctured.

Thankfully my friends are around there to help me fix the mess up. I noticed the spare parts in my car isn't compatible, so have to borrow Che Tang's tools to get things fixed.

Changing a tyre ain't that hard, but it's a dirty job. I've got to thank Che Tang, Martin, Hema, Mugi, and Chin Peng for helping me out hahah. Without them, I basically left stranded down there the parking lot for some time before reinforcement came.

Talk about the punctured tyre, I suspect it's someone's fault play. There's sand fragment pop out from I'm fixing the tyre cap. I sent the car to the mechanics to check the tyre, and confirmed someone did the dirty job to my tyre.

I guess I've to reconsider to park there next time. It's weird, I didn't have problems to get along with people, and why there's someone there to mess up with me?
It may be the fella who asked for parking fee last time, I know he's illegal but for the sake of my car I paid him to shut him up. He's gone for good after that. Fag' drugger.

Still, I think today is a great day for me. A little bumper is normal in life, but what I really appreciate is that there's friends around to help you out when you're in trouble.

Friends 'til the end! :D

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