10 February 2008

Chinese New Year 2008

Hmm.... I guess I've nothing much to say about this year's CNY celebration. Somewhat not as excited as past years, perhaps is because some family members did not come back.

Traffic wasn't in the most ideal condition to travel up north, but it's still moving pretty smooth albeit jams at certain parts. No accident happened (thankfully), but why there's still jam?

This time our journey back to north is more relaxing that last year, we dont need to rush for places here and there, we've plenty of time to had enough rest.

The 2nd day of CNY starts with temple-visiting. Too bad we dont have much time to visit each temples, we just stop-by the temple pledge our offerings and then off to the next temple.

With relatives in one of the temple.


The route to the temple, covered by rubber trees.

Picture 027

On the evening of the 2nd day, head back to grandparent's home. There, met relatives and other family members again. I think we just met each others few times in a year, particularly during CNY.

As I said, some are missing this year, so my "angpow" income is not as fruitful as usual.   :S

Travel back to the south on the 3rd day. Thankfully the journey was OK, I couldnt imagine the traffic on the next day (4th day), as many people will be rushing back down to the south because the school and work restarts on Monday.... talk about serious JAM!

Anyway, here's an advertisement by Petronas, the local oil company. They're well-known to produce great festive season ads.


  1. that's my primary school in the ad, feel really funny when i watch the ad.

    haha now i miss my school already instead of the feeling of cny. =)

  2. Heheh you must be proud your school are chosen by Yasmin Ahmad the director... hahah.

    I like this ad, very good!