14 February 2008

V day @ TARC

Today I learnt pink colour is actually a vibrant colour, it's no longer a girl's colour, guys like this colour too!

Today's Valentine's Day.... the day for couples to celebrate with their another "significant half", so says. Me? I'm not taken yet, nor have any intention wanna have a partner real soon, just calm and steady.  smile_shades

Our GP teacher, Ms Lynn asked us to dress in pink or red to celebrate this occasion together, regardless whether we're single or doubled. LoL. Pics ahead...

Normal pose.


 Crazy pose, well not really crazy, yet.



Chemistry experiment of the day wasn't as easy as we thought. It's titration again, but a little trickier than last semester's. Have to be real careful with the colour changes, if not the experiment will be a failure and have to repeat all over again. Because of this, today is another lunch-less Thursday for me.  smile_confused

FA 1, FA 2, FA 3 solutions used for the experiment.This is taken after the experiment.


In lecture hall many people don in pink as well, but I regret I did not grab this opportunity to take down a photo of the "pink sea", hahah.

Some pinkies..... and I'm the odd red.


With Ivy and Yuyan. Behind us is Prem.


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