23 January 2008

Yanni Voices!

I'm getting more and more exciting for Yanni's new album to be released! Here's a documentary featuring Yanni, Ric and the new vocals behind Yanni's music, Nathan, Leslie, Chloe and Ender.

From my experience watching this video for few times, I'm really amazed that all the talents those singers have. At the first place I was unhappy with Yanni's music added with vocals, but those singers prove me wrong for good. They're just so good! Probably some of the best vocalists I ever heard!

I personally like Leslie than the other few singers. It's not that the rest of them arent good enough, but I just hooked with her voices. Too bad I dunno the title of her song except for "Before The Night Ends".


Besides, another female singer Chloe sang quite good too, a rare talent for her age.
Nathan, the handsome lad collaborate well with other singers, as well as getting a grip with his solo featuring "Tribute", which you can get the full length mp3 at the official site.

The next update is scheduled on next Monday (28 Jan). It's very close to the new site being launched in Feb....

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  1. Aren't they fantastic? Yanni and Leslie have hits with "Before The Night Ends" and "Never Leave The Sun". I can't wait for a concert!

    Yanni now has an official MySpace:


  2. The new video update is just "AWESOME"! I think this one word sums it up!!