23 January 2008


Yesterday I've to skip 2 lectures for dental appointment. Although I'm not quite happy to skip 2 important lectures, anyway it's kinda worth all the trouble as I'm finally can take off the evil braces!

I cant really :D when taking photo cause the braces are ugly, spoil my image.


I've been putting on the braces since mid 2004, so it's 3.5 years the steel wires "stayed" in my mouth. To be frank, I've phobia of going to dental clinic but for the sake of my appearance I've to overcome the fear and deal with it. Why I'm afraid of dental? It goes way back long long time ago, not a sweet childhood memory.  :\

So now.... finally I can :D with confidence!


I'll get myself a chewing gum tomorrow back in college. You know, the doctor told me not to take in gums, so I obliged and stay away from those chewy gums for years....

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  1. Hah! now, that is so much better - wow! what a smile......