17 January 2008

A busy day in TARC

  Today is not the favourable day for most of us as we're having the most lessons in a day, and also the odd rest time.

My day starts with Bio tutorial, which Ms Chong discussed the chapter "Transport in Mammals" tutorial work. Briefly let me revise a bit from the last semester's chapter.

The lesson followed by a GP presentation in lecture hall, not our usual classroom as diploma students occupied them for exam. My group was the first to present, and our subject is Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian spiritual leader. To much of my demise, our group's presentation didn't went very well, we're not sync-in with each other. I tried to make some fancy word with PowerPoint but it help a little. Oh well.

Second group doing their presentation:


A random spot in TARC.


After the GP presentation there comes our first Chemistry practical session with Mr Low. Today's experiment is something interesting and he asked us to bring a camera to record down, so that's why you see the pics here!

Mr Low briefing us bout the experiment in a whole new lab.


Funny emergency "shower" and "basin".


Classmates, with 2 of them forgot to put on the lab coat.


The experiment:

added NaOH

 added NH3

excess NaOH 2

excess NH3

Me in the lab.


We only left 30 mins for our lunch break after the Chemistry practical, weird timing I'd say. Tried canteen's nasi lemak, taste ok but a little too spicy for my liking. It's kinda hurry to settle lunch and then rushing to attend the next lesson.

The next lesson would be Bio lecture, where most students cant concentrate on what Ms Chong teach. Pity her and everyone of us, I dunno why everyone in the lecture hall seems to have no mood to study, all look tired(including myself). Ms Chong sensed something wrong with us, so her class ends earlier than usual. It is the last lesson of the day for some, but for me I still have another lecture before I can get myself out of there.

The last Physics lecture is even worse than Bio, Ms Ong's teaching a new topic bout rotation, something like that. That time hardly anyone can understand what is it. Those still left in the lecture hall more or less had their mind thinking outside of the lecture hall. Our response were pretty bad, so Ms Ong called it off a day earlier as well. Hah, the lecturers sure know how to sense when the students are in the mood to study or not.

For today, most of us are driven low of energy due to long period of classes stacked together, and with a short break. I used to study from 8-3 without any problem, given that I've an hour break in between. This happened once in every week, so we basically look forward for Friday's class as it's the shortest (mine ended at 1230).

Friday supposedly to be the last day of study in a week, but now lecturers had extra classes with us on Saturday morning. Again, 8 to noon, although it's shorter than usual lessons but to steal the sleeping hours for us students is a cruel reality.....  :(

P/S: This is post no. 1300 in the blog!  :D

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