17 January 2008

Life in TARC

It's been quite awhile since I blogged about college life. Heh, looking back at what I used to post last time, I started to felt that I didn't write enough bout college stuffs than I used to write bout school.

I personally think that this is due to the fact that starting from this semester I'll be getting busy preparing for the coming exams. Sigh, I lamented that A Level students like me have no life to enjoy like other diploma friends. Although they're packed with studies as well, but compare to us they seems to have more time to enjoy around.

We SPUS students, study like zombie for the 1.5 years, work so hard then sit for the exam. After that we left without a graduation ceremony or so, we just fade away like that (unlike our diploma counterparts, who will be enjoying the hats-throwing moment).

Of course, there're advantages and disadvantages for any path we chose to walk on. I believe that whichever path we chose, will eventually lead to a certain milestone in our life.

For my time in TARC, there's only 10 months to go. After I finished my A2 in mid-Nov, my journey will pause at another turning point, and until now I've yet to decide which way shall I take.

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