13 January 2008

BBQ at Jolene's house

Apologize for lack of updates lately, wasn't in the mood to write anything because of rushing for courseworks.

Since Thursday is a public holiday, so Jolene, my coursemate, decided to throw a BBQ party on Wednesday night to have some fun time with friends as we won't be able to enjoy much out of this year due to courseworks and exams, pity us.

Likewise any other BBQ party attended, most of the menus are the same chicken wings, sausages, meatballs etc. Anyway I like the grilled mutton, taste good and thankfully doesn't have that "kind" of smell.

Chin Ying doing the grilling while guys preparing some unusual chocolate banana recipe.

Li Hong slicing the banana in pro-style. Too bad in the end the recipe failed, resulting a mixture of melted yellow and brown colour.


Many coursemates turn up in the party, with ladies outnumber guys.


Group photo

Some pics of guys playing a game called "Twister", a wicked game I'd say. At the end of the game almost everyone's body is positioned oddly, like what you see in the pics here. Note that if we carry on playing this game, even funnier pose could've been shown here, heh.

IMG_1303 IMG_1302

After the crazy Twister game we turn on to "tamer" games like UNO cards, pokers, and a game called Pictionary.
Pictionary is a kind of board game where you let your teammate guess an object by drawing it out without any verbal or alphabetical aid. Pretty interesting stuff there, as some of the objects are really challenging to express it in form of graphic.

A great time I'd say, I think this is the 1st time I join coursemates for event like this. I did get invited for parties last year but because of certain reasons I could not join 'em.
I hope there's more parties to come, especially after our major exams, heheh.... :D

P/S: Thanks Jolene for everything!

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