02 December 2007

Mun Yee 6M Gathering

Saturday afternoon went to Steven's Corner tagged by Aun Chee. When we reach there a few familiar faces been spotted sitting there already.

We settle down and chatted while waiting more people to turn up. As time runs through, more and more old mates turn out and eventually half of the classmates present.

We chatted lots of stuffs bout the good old days, as I'm surprised to find that many classmates still can remember all the details bout things happened long ago, to a degree that I was freak out I couldnt remember anything at all!!

Talk about those old mates, most of them havent change much since then, still easy to recognise, while some of them changed a lot! Boys are turning into macho guys, and girls turning into pretty ladies. Hahah, talk about growing up. :)


I've tried to contact our class teacher Mdm. Leong but too bad she couldnt join us because she's taking students to Langkawi for graduate trip.

Every year I've been trying to sway my primary classmates to get together, once in a year to gather around with bunch of old friends. It is not easy to organise such event because losing contacts with them after some time.

Well, as the organiser I'm glad that this year's gathering is a success, albeit some of them who eagerly asked me bout the gathering earlier did not show up, I wonder why. Some of them are regulars for past year's gatherings, weird eh....

The ladies

Group photo

P/S: More pics here!

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