02 December 2007

Encore 2007!

After Saturday noon's primary schoolmates gathering til evening, I rush back to college to catch the show much anticipated for sometime.

The show did not disappoint me, it was a great show. The emcees are bunch of jokers, the performers are awesome, and the singers are superb! Anyhow this kind of entertainment, I bet only youngsters like us can stand it, this is not the kind of event oldies will enjoy, hahah.

Congratulations to schoolmate Pui Kuan & Chi Meng who won no.3 and no.1 respectively in the singing category! Excellent performance by both of them, especially Chi Meng!

Here's his winning entry, singing "The Phantom Of The Opera" with his partner Rita. Too bad I did not record the earlier song "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge, also another thriller.

A great college life experience, that's what I'd like to comment bout this event.

P/S: Thank you Val, for asking me go at the first place hehe. :D

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