01 December 2007

Kitaro's Night

Last night was an unforgettable night I had with my friends, enjoying world-class music by the Japanese maestro Kitaro.

The story starts with me asking friends after friends who's willing to go uphill Genting with me to watch a free concert. Some of them are interested but very unfortunate they're having their own appointments. You know, end of Nov is a time when many of my friends are celebrating birthday.
Note that I only ask those whom I know interested in this kind of instrumental music because I dont want to waste it on people who dunno to enjoy such music!

Eventually two friends accept my offer and join me for this great musical event. Sun Hua will do the driving, while Kai Heng will pay for the dinner. Me? I contribute the concert tickets of course.

Sun Hua is a little nervous to getting down from Genting downhill because the weather is foggy and low visibility. I've manged to persuade him to ignore this unnecessary fear so he agrees to drive us up.

For dinner, we dine in at Penang food restaurant located within Theme Park Hotel. Damn Sun Hua, he ordered 3 dishes because he knows he's not paying for the meal. Pity Kai Heng had to fork out RM 70 just for 3 person's meal! If Sun Hua did not order additional dishes, it should cost around 50 like that (dining in Genting is way more expensive than dining downhill).

Before the concert starts I've managed to grab few Kitaro albums.

Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai, Vol. 3

Thinking of You

.... and another compilation "Kitaro Best".
These albums are imported from Taiwan (from the label I read) and most of these CDs aren't widely available here. Pitiful....
These albums cost me RM 140, which is a pain in me. But given the musical quality in it, I think it's worth it for the price I pay.

The show starts with the maestro playing a type of Buddhist instrument (dunno the name), and then followed by a few more lively pieces. He played a few tracks from his later albums so I cant recognise them. I only know he played "Heaven and Earth", "Theme from Silk Road" and Matsuri.

Man, Kitaro is a really talented musician! He played quite a number of instruments from Japanese flute, synthesiser, drums to harmonica! I rarely seen musician who can play all sorts of instruments so well!

It's a little disappointment that the sound system for the concert was messed up. When the music is hitting a higher pitch key, there's buzzing noise came out from the speaker. It's a common problem for speakers which has been used to "blast songs" at a very high volume until it somewhat damaged the entire system. I've noticed this problem in previous shows in Genting, but this time it's too obvious.

The encore pieces are two piece of music, one is a Chinese hit song called "酒干倘卖无", which Kitaro dedicated to the late Anita Mui 梅艳芳. The last piece is an unknown piece to me.

It's amazing that this versatile musician performed with just another 5 band members. 2 keyboardist, a percussionist, a guitarist and a violinist is all he needs to perform his great musics.

Here's a sample music of Kitaro, in case you haven't heard of him before. This piece is "Matsuri", one of his most recognised piece.

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