30 November 2007


Lack of updates lately, I can only apologize for those who're keen enough to follow this blog.

I'm back to work lately, 10am to 5pm weekdays. When I get back home I'm dreadfully tired, sitting in front of the computer doesn't appeal to me anymore because for the whole 7 hours of working I'm staring at the monitor, working my fingers on the keyboard, virtually non-stop (though I did stop say 5 or 10 mins to walk a bit or visit the loo).

Days are pretty much alive as I'm meeting with lots of friends again during this holiday interval. Today I just bump into my National Service roommate since the programme ended months ago. My bad, I havent keep in touch with much of them, still it's happy to meet with them again.

Tomorrow, going up to Genting to watch Kitaro's concert. Sun Hua & Kai Heng will tag along me. I hope things will work out nicely 'til the end eh?

Saturday afternoon, going to Steven's Corner meet up with old friends from the primary, then later at night head back to college to enjoy "Encore!", a college-based entertainment show, yea, sort of like that.


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