27 November 2007

Terminally ill computer

Got my PC back today, apparently it's the power supply problem as I suspected. The sudden electrical disconnection blew the power off, damaged a little part of motherboard as well. Luckily I only need to change the power supply to get things fixed.

The tech guy suggest me to change the chasis too as it comes with a power supply. If I get the original kind, so call "mini power supply", it'll cost twice the price of the whole chasis, including the bulkier power supply. Eventually it cost me RM 100 for everything.

The tech guy hinted me it is about time to change the com, because further repair might cost more than that. In other words, it's better for me to replace this 5 years old desktop computer.

So far I'm eying on HP Pavilion dv2600, which looks good. I've spoken with my parents bout this, but they havent give me an answer yet. I better do some research on the laptops first, because the price plays a big role whether my parents will agree getting me the laptop or not.


Today is 27 Nov, one day after getting back this sick computer. Something wrong with the sound output again, so another trip down to the tech shop to get it inspected. Something's wrong within the motherboard. I has no problem with input from mic, no problem playing the sound, just that I cant listen anything from my headphone. Same goes to a speaker I tested.

The tech guy is almost giving up to solve this issue as we tried adding a sound card. Eventually I turn up with a USB sound card, which works. My sis' laptop have this similar problem dealing with sound card so yea, USB is another genius solution for computer problem. Killed all the papers in my wallet though.

I've spoken with my parents bout getting a new laptop. They started to understand how badly I want a new computer, and somewhat sounds agree to get me one.
For now I've to search for the best replacement for this computer.

So far I'm thinking of HP Pavilion dv2600, Acer Aspire 4920G-301G20 and Dell Inspiron 1520. I'm thinking of Toshiba too, but the price tag immediately turn me away.
1st choice is still the Pavilion dv2600, but if it's too expensive that I can afford, maybe Acer or Dell. Although Acer and Dell are famous brands, but I'm skeptical getting them. Comparing the performance-to-cost ratio, Dell Inspiron 1520 stands out from the rest. (I haven't ask about the HP's price yet).

Thank GOD I've manged to backup most of the important files in the com, got to thanks sis CLH leaving her external HDD with me, hah! No worries with backup now! :D

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