26 November 2007

Main Computer is DEAD, again

Just now one of the switch in the "electric box" tripped, caused my primary computer, which I call Vikings went off for good. TV and radio affected as well.

Upon fixing the switch, I noticed that I can no longer boot up the computer. Sad news, I think it's power supply issue again. :(

Weird eh, because just now my computer just running Google Earth, which I did not run it for quite awhile already. I was checking for some places and then suddenly it struck just like that.

For now I'll stick with this, then again, an unstable backup computer. The other laptop is still making a fuss while I try to reinstall the Windows. Sigh...

Tomorrow going to send the CPU to check again, likely will change the power supply again!

I think now I've more reason to ask for a new laptop from parents, heh. :)

My life without computer = suffer. lol

P/S: Luckily I finished the previous "masterpiece" post before all hell break lose!

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