05 November 2007

Maintaining Blogs?

I realised that I've created quite a number of blogs under this account, though some of the blogs remained abandoned, experimental and hidden.

Apart from the few blogs listed in my Blogger profile, the more blogs are listed in my Dashboard. Some blogs, myself think that should not be listed in my public profile.

Some of those blogs, are actually created by me and friends for school's society or club purposes. Now, those blogs are deserted as we've graduated, no longer into those kind of business anymore. Anyway, I have no intention delete the blogs.

I was thinking, whether I want to divert some of my blog contents to other more specialised blogs? I dont think I wanna stuff this blog too much with mixed up content. After all, this suppose to be my e-diary.

I dont know doing so will affect my online income or not, by having separated blogs at the same time, each bearing it's unique content. I've seen other bloggers do so, and I'm thinking to do this too. Give it time.

Well, it will be a very ambitious plan I think, yet I need time to organise things and make it happen. I'll need a lot of times to deal with codes, settings, etc.

Currently planning to sort out the following categories:

Football blog. News, balls and boots will go under a blog, purely for football/soccer fans. (planning to revive one abandoned blog for this purpose)
Musical blog. Talk about recent songs I've been listening, reviews. (new concept for me)
Chinese blog. A gateway to practise my Chinese writing skills, created few weeks ago. (i havent give the blog a "make up" yet)

Also to take note, this blog's 3rd birthday is just 3 days to go.
2 days to go to be exact. The actual date is 7th Nov, I dunno why I kept remembering 8th Nov lol.

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