06 November 2007

A Terrible Dream

I just had a bad dream this morning. A nightmare that is.

I dream of a friend of mine, fatally injured in an accident, near LRT Tmn Melati. I suppose to call that friend as ystecyla, as I dont wanna upsets anyone to hear that he or she is being cursed dead, even in dream!

So it happens I browsing the Internet as usual, checking out The Star's news feed, then learn that the friend has being rammed by a motorcycle while walking back home. Besides the news page is a picture showing a trait of blood dragging along the path of the pathway, very awful for a motorcycle and human accident.

Upon reading the news I immediately contact other friends, to my dismay everyone seems to be equally shocked as I did to learn the bad news.

After a time-lapse in my dream, I went to the accident scene (actually very close to my college) and found the blood trait is still there. Did a little prayer there and decided to went on.
As soon as that happened I woke up.

It is very unpleasant to dream of death, especially those who're close with me. Why, people around me will go away so fast? It is a very unfortunate case to happen and I'll be very upset if this really happens to any of my friends.

I decided to write this early in the morning because the dream is still fresh in my memory, I dont wanna left out the details.....

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