04 November 2007

Tell me, which song is better than this?

My favourite tune of all time. I wont get bored listen to it over and over again. So tell me, what song you ever heard sounds better than this one? I'm interested to know.

In case you havent figure out, the song playing is "Nightignale" by Yanni.
If the link above wont work, you can listen it here.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,I agree, "Nightingale" is so beautiful, and yes I can listen to it over and over. My Tribute CD is one of my favorites. I was checking on yanni.com, and it looks like he has created new music. He is using vocals and working with Ric Wake. Please check yanni.com if you haven`t, there`s alot of news about what Yanni is doing with his music.
    YST, Angela