21 November 2007

Dating Rules - Guys

1. Make sure you are the one to ask a girl out first.

2. If she says no - please make sure you accept it gracefully. Don't give up - try again.

3. If she says yes - make sure you have a plan - inform her where you wish to take her, what you plan to do and have the time and place sorted.

4. It is always better if you offer to pick her up. If you cannot - then plan to meet her at a place most convenient to her.

5. If it is a first date - get her flowers and a small gift to remember the night. Avoid rings, chains, or any of that sort until you know her taste.

6. When you pick her up and if you're driving - remember to look at her and smile as she walks towards the car. If you are waiting somewhere - smile as soon as you see her. (The control macho - head nodding crap looks stupid when it is without a smile.) - also if you can't smile - you shouldn't be dating at all.

(Then compliment her outfit - even if it is horrendous)

7. If you are not comfortable with conversation - go for an activity based outing. If you like to talk - take her for dinner. If you are only going to talk about yourself - take a full length mirror for dinner - place it on the chair in the restaurant - and talk to yourself!

8. Please be on time. It is better to be early and waiting than to keep a lady waiting. Men who keep women waiting - are assholes!! A girl who loves herself and has any form of self respect will not give you another chance - so do not blow it.

9. First dates are supposed to be superficial and funny. Just be yourself - your true self is naturally funny. DO not talk about anything serious. Do not make plans for the future. Do not ask any private questions. Do not reveal any private details about your life - like how many girls you cheated on and so on. Do not become sad and melancholy - "my mama died when i was five - ever since i was 6 i had to wash dishes to sustain my 11 brothers and 8 sisters...." DO not lay that on her on the first date.

10. Always offer to send her home and tell her that you will call her - only if you have plans to do so. Do not say - i will call you.... and then don't. If you are not sure - just say you had a good time. Then once you are sure - call her for another date. If she does not fit your ideal..... just let it be.... she will soon get the hint.

(This is all for now - I prepared this upon request from my students - who wanted to know - how to be a gentleman.)


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  1. Standard Operating Procedure for dating? cool. Nice info there.