24 November 2007

Maksim's 5th album PURE!

I compile this post from other posts so that everything about Maksim's 5th album will be focused in this single post. :)
Album pic:

The album will be called PURE, indicating this album is pure piano pieces. :)

I've been waiting for Maksim's new album news and I'm glad to know that he's recording his new album now in London!

So far no news bout the album's title. One interesting note is that in this new album Maksim played all the track without any additional instruments, all by piano solo!

The new album will features quite a number of works by Tonci Huljic, the prime composer for Maksim's pieces.
So far only 2 tracks are listed, that is Love Storm & Posejdon's Tales.

This is all I can get for now, no soundclip previews, as it's still yet to be recorded!

Source: MaksimMrvica.com

[UPDATE #1]:

Just when I said I couldn't find any clue for Maksim's new album, I found this nice soundclip from Tonci Huljic's website.
For your information, Tonci is the primary composer for Maksim's music.

There's 5 tracks mixed in this soundclip. All these tracks are of course, composed by Tonci Huljic himself.

#1 Croatian Rhapsody (The Piano Player)
#2 "new track from new album"
#3 "new track from new album"
#4 Cubana Cubana (The Piano Player)
#5 Child in Paradise (Electrik)

1st track, Croatian Rhapsody features a very different approach from the original pieces which accompanied by percussion & strings. It started slowly, and then suddenly came into life with a very strong emotion within the song. You may compare the original version, listen to the original here.

2nd track, I think maybe this is the piece "Love Storm" from the new album? It sounds serene and sweet, possible a love serenade.

3rd track, it sounds more aggressive and fast-paced. I guess this is the "Posejdon's Tales" track from new album.

4th track, good old Cubana Cubana from the 1st album. The intro started differently, but sounds nice. The rhythm is pretty much the same compared to the earlier version.
Original version preview can be listened here.

5th track, Child in Paradise from the 4th album. It used to be a piece focusing on the piano treble, with percussions and other instruments backup the bass part. In this new version the piano took over the bass part as well, I think overshadowed the treble part as the bass is too strong. Still, a wonderful piece, one of my favourite track from that album.
Original version can be listened here.

Noticed all these tracks are played in piano only? This is one of the feature in this upcoming album!


Official tracklisting!

01. Dies Irae
02. Hall Of The Mountain King
03. Exodus
04. Croatian Rhapsody
05. Passionata
06. Somewhere In Time
07. Yellow River
08. Cubana
09. Claudine
10. New World Concerto
11. Poseidon’s Tale
12. Child In Paradise
13. Flight Of The Bumble-bee

Of 13 songs listed in the new album, 9 songs are repeated from the previous albums, interesting enough. Dont be too disappointed yet, these tracks are completely different than the previous records as these are pure piano pieces! Earlier versions are piano accompanied by other instruments like drums, strings, percussions etc.

I saw the track "Love Storm" went missing on the list, possible the name has changed to Passionata (which I think means Passionate)?

Yellow River should be indicating the Huang He in China, I'd like to hear this track.

Poseidon's Tale, I think it can be heard part of it in the music clip preview above. The 3rd track I suppose, but I'm not 100% sure.

As for the first track Dies Irae, I made a rough guess it might be the previously unreleased track called Requiem from the DVD "The Essential Maksim". A track written by WA Mozart btw. Anyhow it's just my speculation.


  1. I think the 2nd and 3rd ones are variations of Croatian Rhapsody, if I'm not mistaken. You can definitely *sing* Croatian Rhapsody into the second melody :)

  2. I was wrong :P It is Posejdon's Tales lol!

  3. Hey, I found your blog via the link in your Youtube Video of Maksim's demo.

    I just discovered about this album, which is pretty sad for a fervent maksim fan like me.

    Mentioned about this post in my post as well: http://soojinl10.kiswrites.org/2008/05/17/maksim-mrvicas-pure/

  4. Hi

    You can get Tonci Huljic's Music for Maksim in a book from


    They will send it more a less anywhere; as far as I can tell its the only place to buy it.

  5. Thanks for providing the link there! :)

  6. hey do you know if this album is available anywhere? currently there only is pure II with a different track listing

  7. can anyone tell me where to find Maksim pure 2? I've been searching everywhere..Last I heard that they have stop manufactured it..
    Bt still you guyz had any clue....It will be a great help for me.Thank you in advance..